The World's Largest Celebration of Astronomy Begins April 1...


Global Astronomy Month 2021 festival

fills the entire month of April with exciting programs for astronomy enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether it’s stargazing, sharing with the public, or the cosmos in art, there is something for everyone in GAM 2021.



Global Astronomy Month (GAM), in its 12th year, is organized by Astronomers Without Borders,

and is the world's largest annual global celebration of astronomy.

Each GAM brings new cosmic ideas and new opportunities, and GAM 2021 is no exception,

bringing night sky enthusiasts together worldwide to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders' motto

"One People, One Sky".


Astronomers Without Borders fosters understanding and goodwill across national and cultural boundaries

by creating relationships through the universal appeal of astronomy.

Astronomy enthusiasts, educators, and others worldwide come together in programs

based on their common interest and passion in astronomy.


Inspired by the 100 hours of astronomy, this annual offshoot began upon the inception of

Astronomers Without Borders are remains one of its flagship programs.

A mix of various programs ranging from Astro Arts to Observational Programs,

this festival runs the whole month of April and features partners and

that creates a larger community of astronomy enthusiasts that span the globe.


Something for Everyone!


Since the year 2009, the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY is the National coordinator for Astronomers Without Borders in Cyprus.

It organizes outreach events to increase the awareness in astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration.




This year, because of the measures taken by governments for the COVID19 pandemic,

we promote online events for the safety of the people.

Please join our Facebook Group to find all related events and follow our online Zoom meetings.


Join Zoom Meetings

Meeting ID: 831 2336 2644

Passcode: kition



Highlight Programs

Global Star Party and SunDay

Special Interest Facebook Events

Astro Arts - Poetry and Visual Arts


Asteroid Search Campaign - International Astronomical Search Collaboration

Observational Challenges - Astronomical League

Globe at Night Citizen Science Project - Globe at Night

Dark Skies Awareness Week - International Dark Sky Association

Online Night Sky Tours - Virtual Telescope






Global Star Party and SunDay are international call-outs for everyone to go outside and enjoy the sky.

Whether you own a telescope, binoculars or are just using your eyes, the Global Star Party and SunDay events are both simple celebrations of "looking up"! These are All Hands on Deck call-oust when our 500+ affiliates along with our 42+ National Coordinators connect with their communities and celebrate with the world. It happens all on one day. Our highly knowledgeable and eager members reach out, teach, and share their knowledge.

In the past, our Global Star Party and SunDay had consistent participation of more than 50 countries and encouraged thousands of individuals to star gaze.

In 2020, both the Global Star Party and our SunDay event, due to their innate nature of gatherings, were cancelled and the public was encouraged the participate by themselves and share their experiences with us on our social media channels.


Our Special Interest Facebook Events have been growing since our first Global Astronomy Month and with that, our social media followers. It also became an easy place for our international members and specialist to interact with the public and our membership. Our special subject Facebook LIVES are now a staple now engrained in our membership since GAM 2020.

Subjects range from what National Coordinators are doing locally, to Indigenous star stories of Australia, touring distant galaxies and globular clusters (Messier objects), drawing tutorial of moon craters, bouncing visuals and audio off of the moon, or a cosmic concert. Highly popular and engaging, these online events draw a crowd without geographical borders.


AstroArts and AstroPoetry programs have evolved over the years. AWB organized and held both AstroArts and AstroPoetry contests to encourage people of all ages, from all cultures to create art and poetry. These contests motivated  many to not only share their love for the night sky but to further their knowledge of astronomy science. 

The AstroArts and AstroPoetry contests were open to both children and adults in both art and poetry competitions.  The results were hundreds of entries differing in media used, rhyme or verse, pencil or color. They brought images of what planets looked like, or how man stepped on the moon, or how children saw themselves traveling through space in words and pictures.


If you have any querries or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or call +357 9999 1111.






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