The private inititative of establishing a science center related to Astronomy, Astrophysics, General and Positive Sciences begun officially in the year 2008.

The idea was to have a venue which someone could visit for fun and entertainement but at the same time to learn and share the knowledge.

Resesearch was also one of the important targetrs of this organization.


The first planetarium dome used was a 4.5 m semi-permanet dome which was constructed by us and scientist from all over the world.

It waw constructed to serve the purpose of "The First International Planetarium Dome Festival in Cyprus"

held in 2009 in Larnaca at the premises of the American Academy.

360 Degrees, full immersive and 3D shows were projected on this inclined dome able to host 37 seats.

Lectures and programs demonstrated the starry sky, the beauty of the Universe and acquainted with modern discoveries

and achievements in astronomy and astronomy related sciences.

Original unique programs that nowhere in the world can be seen were created by our team.


While we moved premises the dome was destroyed and now we are building a new permanent 6m dome that could fit 63 seats.

We are using the mirror system with a single projector.

Now at our planetarium theatre, we project our planetarium movies and programs as well as 3D movies and pictures on a cinema screen (cinema version).


Visitors to our science center have the oppoortunity a a magical journey to the Universe and

to enjoy fully customized planetarium programs and movies, and other live astronomical events.

Walk through our open air exhibition, and find out about the formation of Cyprus and its unique Geology.

Explore the Rocks and Fossils exhibition and hold in their hands unique rocks, gemstones and rare dinosaur fossils.

Travel in the history of space and have a close look to the astronauts' food, space missions memorabilia,

real meteorites the Antikythera Mechanism (the first computer of the world constructed around 150 B.C.) and the Lunar Rock.

A windo to the Universe opens through our observatory for observations during days and nights.


A visitor can also apply for participation in citizen scientist research programs or become a volunteer member.


We create experiences that encourage visitors to:

• Make personal connections to their knowledge and experiences

• Embrace the spirit of discovery, fun and entertainment

• Explore and act on their own curiosity

• Act interactively and ask questions, and then seek results

• Engage in hands-on exploration and experimentation

• Participate in conversations about the role of STEM and STEAM in their lives

• Cultivate science process skills and procedures

• Encouraged to pursue and use science throughout their lives


Every month we host an Online Science Café, available to everyone online for FREE.

All previous Online Science Café recordings are available on our YouTube Channel.


KITION Astronomy Academy and other educationl courses are available throughout the year, as well as special courses in Summer schools.

The private and public events hosted by the Planetarium and Observatory are published in the newsletter, our website and social media.


Private customized programs are made to satisfy special requests, such as educational program for classes,

local visitors and tourists, or fun side of astronomy for birthday parties, corporate eventes parties or even wedding surprise.


Book your event or visit by calling +357 99991111 or email us for further information.

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