Observatory is a unique part of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY. It permits to conduct observations of the Sun, the Moon, planets, comets, star clusters and nebula, galaxies, rare astronomical phenomena such as occultations, eclipses and Supernova explosions. It fulfills many tasks for different groups of people. There are scientific observations and researches there, the data has been sending to other scientific centers. Among the most important are radio observations of the Sun and Jupiter and meteor showers monitoring. The Observatory has public access to its telescopes according to the schedule. There are educational programs and observations, such as summer schools and special courses. It is the only observatory in Cyprus which conducts public observations of the most interesting sky objects and phenomena on regular base whole year. Till now it is the only officially registered Observatory in Cyprus in the directory of the International Astronomical Union.

Observatory has in its disposition optical telescopes, which are available for outreach and scientific programs, radiotelescope, which works for NASA RadioJove Project, and weather station, which collects all types of weather condition's data.

Astronomical phenomena. The Observatory conducts observations of interesting and rare astronomical events for science and in many cases for public. The public is welcomed to participate in observations of eclipses and supermoon, of planet oppositions, of comets and meteor showers, of wonders of Milky Way and other galaxies. When it is required due to international collaboration the Observatory organizes remote live public observations. Some of the events have large significance for Cyprus and Humanity. The Observatory participates in the special projects, dedicated to them.

The public events of the Observatory are published in the month program (PDF FILE and JPG FILE).

It is possible to order special educational or enternainment private and group observations according to your needs. Contact us for further information.



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