The Planetarium presents programs for different groups of visitors:

The programs for children 5+ year old are adopted to the age, involve interactions and plays.

The program for 8+ years old use the language and terms that are understandable for their age. They are intriguing and absorb attention.

The programs for people 12+ years old are designed in popular form and based on everyday knowledge only.

The family programs entertain visitors of all ages starting with 5 years old.

The Planetarium conducts educational programs for schools, institutes, academies and universities, creates programs for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, weddings for different companies, groups and individually. During the year we hold many programs for public, but sometimes it is required to develop a customized program. In this case please inform us about your needs in advance to be sure that your program is made on the correct scientific, educational and psychological level.


These are the examples of the Planetarium programs in English. See similar lists in Greek and Russian.

The programs for children 5+ year old

  Planet Jupiter
  Space: Guiding Your Way
  Month Spacewalk
  Globe at Night
  How many stars
  Sun - Our Star

The programs for children 8+ year old

  Dawn of Space Age
  Stars of Pharaohs
  Did the Americans Land on the Moon?
  Rozetta Mission to the Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  Eclipses in Culture
  Lunar Explorations
  Comet Halley

The programs for children 12+ year old

  Force 5
  Wonders of the Universe
  Origins of Life
  Space Research on World Coins
  How to Observe UFO
  Natural Selection
  NASA RadioJove Project
  Geminids - Meteor Shower

Astrology Vs Astronomy

It is one of the most popular program which is presented only in Cyprus. It starts with the personality test. The first part of the narration shows the development of Astrology and Astronomy through ages, clearifying the origins of each of them. You will see the earliest astrological predictions and the oldest horoscope as well as the most fundamental achievements of astronomy. During the second part you will get the results of your own personal test and be impressed by the psycological roots of Astrology and observational methods of Astronomy. This program usually ends with free discussions and debates.

Pi-Day: Einstein's Birthday

Albert Eistein...

Solar Eclipses and St. George

This program is based on the dicovery made recently by the Kition Planetarium & Observatory's team.

Mars Colonization

This program was inspired by recent discoveries on Mars. The Kition Planetarium & Observatory's team developed the program which explains how mankind tried to colonized the Red Planet and what is done these days to leave a step on this small planet.

Supernova 1987A

In February 1987 the explosion of a Supernova in the Large Maggelan Cloud gave birth to the new science in astronomy. It is the closest Supernova during the telescope era of Humanity and the very first and the only star which is registered before the explosion.

Life in TRAPPIST-1?

Discover the world of this star system, which so much differs from our own and still have many similarities, that scientists seriously conduct special observations in attempts to register life there.

The family programs

  Virgin Galactics
  Venus - Cypriot
  Sky Tour
  Walking on the Moon
  Future is Wild
  Mars Riddles
  Yuri Gagarin in Cyprus
  Remote Sensing
  Danger from the Sky
  From Earth to the Universe
  Science Fiction




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