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Observatory is a unique part of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY. It permits to conduct observations of the Sun, the Moon, planets, comets, star clusters and nebulae, galaxies, rare astronomical phenomena such as occultations, eclipses and Supernova explosions. It fulfills many tasks for different groups of people. There are scientific observations and researches there, the data been sending to other scientific centers. Among the most important are radio observations of Jupiter and meteor showers monitoring. There are educational programs, such as special courses and observations. The Observatory has public access to its telescopes on scheduled time. It is the only observatory at Cyprus that conducts public observations of the most interesting sky objects and phenomena on regular base whole year.

Public observations.

Optical range. There is large professional telescope refractor of Schmidt-Cassegren system with aperture of the mirror 25 cm. The wide range of eyepieces and filters helps to achieve the best comfort during the observations. It is equipped for visitors from 5+ years old.

Radio range. It was Pythagoras who believed that the celestial spheres sound. Kepler developed this idea and now the names of musical notes are connected with the planet's spheres even. The Observatory participates in NASA RadioJove project and conducts observations of Jupiter in radio range on radio telescope with dipole antenna. At the excursion to the radio telescope visitors acquaint with the instrument and how it works. At the observatory the visitors can hear how solemnly the Sun and Jupiter sound. The Observatory makes this dream - to listen the sounds of space - come true.



"READ THE SKY" – Astronomy Course for Beginners

A course created to help an amateur astronomer to learn the sky, to orientate in space and time just by knowing what is there above us. The apprentice will gain the skills to find any constellation and any object in the sky, to read and successfully use star maps and at the end to be able to apply the new knowledge and experience in observation.

The full course consists of 4 sessions:

Session 1. Main constellations. Names of stars.
Session 2. Brightness and colors of luminaries. Use of star maps.
Session 3. Orientation using the sky. Use of star maps.
Session 4. Large Universe.
(Field observations with naked eye in all sessions.)

Main language: English

Attendees successfully completed course obtain the diploma.



"MY FIRST TELESCOPE" – Astronomy Course for Beginners

The telescope of any size and type is first of all a precise optical instrument. That is why it requires special care. The course was created to help anyone to befriend with his/her new astronomical equipment and learn what can be done with the telescope. During 4 sessions of about 1 hour each the skills of using the telescope and its maintenance will be obtained as well as limits of its capabilities will be explored. All these help to enjoy the new horizons that telescope discloses and permit to use it every clear day and night exploring the Universe by oneself.

Session 1. Main characteristics of the telescope. Its parts and everyday maintenance.
Session 2. Observations of the bright objects with the telescope. Finding them and following them in the field of view. Possibilities of astrophotography.
Session 3. Methods of finding any object on the sky with the telescope.
Session 4. Capacities and limits of the telescope. Whole year maintenance of the telescope.

It is a plus if the attendee already have skills in finding main constellations on the sky and using star maps. If necessary the course "READ THE SKY" is recommended.

The course "MY FIRST TELESCOPE" is individual, for everyone has his/her own telescope, and is hold at the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY with the telescope.

Call +35799991111 and book your own course now.


The public events of the Observatory are published in the month program.



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