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The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY presents KITION ASTRONOMY ACADEMY - intersting systematic study of astronomy for students based on the own rich pedagogic experience and practical knowledges of needs of modern astronomy. The academy is a tough composition of theory and practice. It uses the unique opportunity of Cyprus to have clear sky almost the whole year around and the excellent position of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY, which is situated in a dark site with comfortable access practically from all parts of the island. The colloquium was developed by enthusiastic scientists, who do research, make discoveries and have publications in academic editions by themselves.

This is 2 year Academy for 5-12 years old children. The colloquium consists of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The first year part teaches the structure of Solar system, the celestial bodies, the stars and constellations, types of stars and black holes, the telescopes, the Galaxy and the Universe. Simultaniously the students will get skills in practical astronomy, basis of observations, collecting data and obtaining scientific results from them, the Selenography and the main features of the Sun, the planets, their view in telescope and their movements, the basis of spherical astronomy and sundials, operating with telescopes and other astronomical tools, different systems of coordinates and star maps, skills in observations of variable stars, deep sky objects and astronomical phenomena.

The lessons take place annualy from October till June, every Friday 17:00 - 19:00.


Registration started. Book your participation now by tel. +357 99991111 or Contact us for further information.



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