The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY holds public programs at least twice a week throughout the year. The majority if not all of the announced public programs are being hosted in our premises in Kiti. If otherwise the location is stated clearly in the program.

Every month, programs are designed in three different languages to satisfy all our guests from Cyprus and abroad. The languages are English, Greek and Russian. The event ;anguage is clearly denoted in the program next to each event. In cases when the language is not denoted, it is meant that the event will be delivered in all 3 languages. All public observation sessions are held in all three languages.

Download the program for this month as PDF FILE and JPG FILE.

Family Programs: Family programs are presented in a simple and entertaining way, making them suitable and interesting for all family members.

"Science Cafe": During "Science Cafe" sessions a subject of general interest is presented by the speaker, followed by free discussion and exhange of opinions and ideas.

Global Events and Intenational Projects: Global Events and Intenational Projects are specifically designed for public outreach and unique experiences. The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY is the Cyprus National Coordinator for many international organizations and projects related to Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Exploration, Science and Technology. Visitors are given the opportunity to join the international astronomical and science movement.

The front page of the program is presented with logos of national and international projects being celebrated in the current year or month. The main part of the program consists of 4 columns: the first column consists of the date and time of the event. Descriptions of the event in Greek, English and Russian languages are presented in the next three columns.

Abbrevations for event languages are denoted as follows: EN - English, GR - Greek, RU - Russian.

On the second page the necessary information for tickets, bookings, address and contacts is given. Description of other services offered by our organization is included. The educational programs currently offered are announced.


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"Bookings Only Policy" is used due to the limited capacity of 50 seats at the Planetarium.

We recommend you to book in advance by calling (+357) 99991111.

If you are looking for some special or customized programs or services for yourself, your friends or your group, feel free to Contact us.

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